The name "Lessach" is derived from Slavic and means "with the people in the woods "... Lessach is still a real village. In the middle is the neo-Gothic church with the cemetery. On both sides of the valley are the mountain farms.
This small mountain village - here you find the highest mountain farm in the country of Salzburg at 1440 m above sea level - excites especially those who love nature in its original form.
"Lessach - A village full of good wishes" is another peculiarity of this village: whether hiking or searching for mushrooms, stop by in rustic lodges or cozy restaurants; the good wishes of the inhabitants - in the form of sunflowers - accompany and surprise you all the time.
The love of the people from Lessach to their piece of home is evident everywhere. Magnificent mountain views and many crystal clear mountain lakes just wait to be admired and hiked out. Whether in the summer - or in the autumn! Whether on foot - or by bicycle!
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